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247 West Main St
United States



Blue Hen Pottery is the partnership of Adam Landman and Anne Pärtna.


Anne is a graduate of East Carolina University (2007) and holds an MFA degree with concentration in Ceramics. She received her BFA degree from Estonian Academy of Art(2000), in her native Estonia where her family still resides on a farm on the Gulf of Finland. She threw her first pot on the hub of an overturned tricycle when she was nine years old while her younger brother spun the wheel. Anne prefers the volatile atmosphere of wood firing, using salt and simple glazes to bring the surfaces of her wide range of forms to life. Delicate line-drawings on cups, plates and covered jars and hand-built sculptural vessels are touched many times in multiple steps of forming, shaping, finishing, drawing and slip painting.


Adam is also a graduate of East Carolina University (2007) and holds a BFA degree, with concentration in Ceramics and a BS in Heavy Lifting. He loves to work in the low fire range, but currently makes use of the wood kiln to finish his wares. Child like drawings in themes of monsters, storms and conflicts are used as metaphors in narrative paintings on plates, platters and cups. He is the Project Manager at STARworks in Star NC where an abandoned hosiery mill is being transformed into a center for creative businesses. He has little time to work in clay, but still manages to make some work to satisfy his love/hate relationship with art.  He’s happier than he looks.



Adam and Anne live in Seagrove NC where they are raising two of the most beautiful and strange children along with an adorable dog and a flock of chickens, some of them blue.  They love to cook and eat together.